My name is Adam and I am a Worship Arts Pastor in the Kansas City metro area. I don't claim to be an expert at anything I just know that I find value in other peoples experiences and so I want to put mine out there in hopes maybe someone might benefit from them. Enter your e-mail below to subscribe to my blog and get a free copy of my E-book "Express Worship"!



A few months ago I went on an organization crusade! I cleaned and organized every area I was responsible for. I organized the stage, media booth, my office and the “sound closet”. One of the things I did was label things like crazy! I created nice little aviom labels that have worked really well for us. I know there are a lot of you who use avioms so I wanted to make these available to download and use for yourself! I created these in Adobe Illustrator but have also saved them as a .jpeg and .pdf for use in other editing software. All you have to do is add the name of the instrument/vocal, print the labels, laminate (optional), cut them, and tape them to your mixer. I hope these are helpful to some of you and will hopefully be posting more resources as time goes on. b2ap3_thumbnail_aviom_20140114-194059_1.JPG





Click here to download these labels.










Wow this poor blog looks like a ghost town! It’s been over a year since my last post, and that’s sad. I guess I lost motivation? Who knows but as much as I hate New Year resolutions, one of mine is to start writing and working on the blog again. The idea is good and hopefully I’ll follow through! 2013 was a crazy year but I’m ready to take on 2014! I’m excited to share what’s been going on and all the things I’m learning about ministry and life.


Stay tuned…



good jobI am cursed with being a “people pleaser”. I have been ever since I can remember. I want people to like me and think highly of me. I am motivated by compliments and the approval of my peers. The converse is also true. As quickly as a compliment can brighten my outlook, a critique pulls me down fast. It lingers in my mind far longer than it should. I waste energy and time analyzing it. 


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stage designLast week we started our new Series "Big Rocks" which addresses the core foundations of our faith. To set the stage we added some boulders to the stage to represent the "rocks" of our faith. To spice things up a little we created a cool background of paper plates and cups to the back wall. Then we shot some led lights at them that change colors on their own creating a really cool effect. It was funny, on Sunday morning people were getting really close to the stage to try to figure out what those things on the back wall were! It turned out really cool and the whole thing cost less than 50 bucks!


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leadershpIf you go to the bookstore you can find literally thousands of books on leadership. Even if you narrow it down to “Christian” leadership there are an overwhelming number of resources that tell you just what you need to know to be a good leader. I have many of these books and resources myself, and there is value to them. I started reading 1Timothy in my devotions recently and found a treasure trove of leadership teaching, straight from one of the founding “Pastors”, Paul.


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