My name is Adam and I am a Worship Arts Pastor in the Kansas City metro area. I don't claim to be an expert at anything I just know that I find value in other peoples experiences and so I want to put mine out there in hopes maybe someone might benefit from them. Enter your e-mail below to subscribe to my blog and get a free copy of my E-book "Express Worship"!


musiciansOne of the things I took pride in during the first few months of my worship pastor position at Grace Community is the fact that none of the musicians that were there when I came, had left. I had always heard about new worship leaders coming to a church and most of the band would quit or go to other churches. While that is the case at some churches, it seemed not to be the case with me.

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Something I have come to find out these past few years is that experience, in many situations, is more important to people than “credentials”. In other words, people want to know if you have done the job more than if you “know” how to do it. The more I see this being true in my life, the more I have come to realize that I need to absorb experiences, even the bad ones… especially the bad ones.

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This is an addition to my blog series “Lessons Learned” where I write about the things I have learned through experiences and, sometimes, mistakes!


If you are a Worship Leader, you no doubt rely on a group of volunteers to run sound, the computer, and fill the band. The hard thing about it is… well, they are volunteers and are free to stay or go at any moment.

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lessons learned

This is an entry for the “Lessons Learned” series. This series is all about the lessons I have learned through experience and mentorship. My hope is that maybe some of these lessons will be helpful and make it possible for some to learn without having to go through the actual “experience” which, at times, can be very difficult.



grew up in church. My Dad was a pastor, and a lot of my family members where pastors and leaders. Something I never noticed but now realize, is that my mom and other pastors wives, were just as deeply invested in the lives of the people of the church, and the overall ministry as their husbands were.


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lessons learned

Harsh criticism usually comes from a deeper place of hurt.


This is the first entry in the series “lessons learned”. In this series I will be writing about some of the major lessons I have learned over the past 3 years. These lessons may be valuable to worship leaders just starting out and maybe even some seasoned ones.


I am fortunate to have a Lead Pastor who has a coaching mindset and is full of wisdom when it comes to the different difficulties I face as a worship leader. One of the lessons I learned right of the bat was that harsh criticism almost always come from a deeper place of hurt going on in that person’s life. 


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