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electric guitar with light

One of the questions I get the most from musicians is "What gear do you use?" So I made this video going through my electric guitar pedals. The next couple posts will be of my acoustic guitar setup and then one of all the guitars I use.

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Using Loops in Worship


As our resources through technology grow, we have the opportunity to add some really neat elements to our worship times. One of these is using loops along with a click to add an extra layer to our sound. Loops can be used a couple different ways.


1. To fill a gap of a missing instrument

2. To add ambient/electronic sounds to the rest of the band


A loop is locked to a click track that the band is playing to so whatever music or sound is on the loop, is played and fits with what the band is playing. 


We started using loops a little over a year ago and I wanted to show you how we set up our system. If you are looking to start using loops this is one of the most simplistic ways to set it up.




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This last summer we started using a visual element in worship called “environmental projection”.  It is when you link 2 or 3 projectors together and create one large image that emits onto the entire front wall or walls of your sanctuary. You can project images, videos, and different motion background that go along with the worship set and add another element of visual worship. Here are the steps we took to implement this process and some resources that may help you get started.

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