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How we started using Environmental Projection


This last summer we started using a visual element in worship called “environmental projection”.  It is when you link 2 or 3 projectors together and create one large image that emits onto the entire front wall or walls of your sanctuary. You can project images, videos, and different motion background that go along with the worship set and add another element of visual worship. Here are the steps we took to implement this process and some resources that may help you get started.


The first thing I bought was the playback drive. This drive is stocked full of great images/videos to be used for environmental projection and was a great place to start with my media library.


It was a little pricy and if you wanted to then you could start out by downloading some free videos and slowly build your library that way.

Next, I purchased a projector. We already had one that was not being used so I only had to get one more. Some rooms and setups require 3.

I picked up an Eiki projector on Ebay, brand new, for $260. The brightness is only 3000 lumens but for a small room like ours it works, normally a higher lumens rating is suggested. (photo)

Our next purchase was a matrox triple head 2go external multi display. I got this used and saved a significant 

triple head to goamount of money, brand new these run around $330. I got mine used for $199 which seems to be a miracle because I haven’t seen any that cheap since! What this does is takes the image on your computer and splits it up over the 2 or 3 projectors and displays them as one image.



The last item to pull this all together was Propresenter. We already had Propresenter so we did not have to go buy it. Even so, this is by far the best software to use for environmental projection. It gives you complete control over all you are doing. We also had a secondary computer to devote to only environmental projection.

The first week we used it I may have over stimulated the congregation with all the motion and stuff so if you do implement this I would suggest easing them into it 


Here are some resources we used and still use as we fine tune our system:

1. --This is a great blog with tons of information about environmental projection.

2. --This is the hard drive we got. It is full of super high quality media.

3. --Where I found the used triplehead2go.

4. --Another great sight for helping you understand and implement environmental projection.

 enviornmental 1

enviornmental 2

enviornmental 3

have you tried this or something similar at your church?

let me know your experience!

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